Monday, July 28, 2014

Auntie and Uncle Weekend

After some busy weekends, a weekend with our two nephews and niece was just what we needed.

 Our weekend was filled with being the silly uncle and auntie and squeezing baby chub from friends visiting.

Lots and lots of swimming.

Car rides with pups and big, happy-attitude smiles.

Playing cards outside and enjoying the warm weather.

And two very tired pups from all the excitement.

Being an auntie is the best...and boy, do those kids love their uncle.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Date Night Last Night {Paddle Boats}

Another day date to be added to the list of "Date Night Last Night" activities!

We did this back in June, but ya know...I'm not exactly on top of things when it comes to blogging.  It is what it is around here.

We live by a little lake and on the weekends they offer paddle boating.

Friends, paddle boating looks way more fun than it is.

Actually, I think I'm just super weak and got tired of paddling way too fast.  We had way more fun when we decided to have husband paddle and me just hang out on the back dangling my feet in the water.

Seriously, we both had a better time doing it this way.

 Captain of the ship lookin' good up there.

Proof I helped a little!
Summer days are seriously the best.  Day dates have never been so good!