Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm So Fancy - Blogtober14

The Daily Tay

So it's October and I decided to join one of these blog link-up things.  I'm totally going against my usual blogging style, considering this is mainly a lifestyle blog, but sometimes I just gotta switch things up.  I saw this link-up about a month ago, considered it for about 2 minutes, and then didn't think I would do it.  Then this morning, after reading one of my friend's posts, who also decided to link up, I thought what the heck.  So, here I am.  Blogging about the randomest things, but following the prompts of Blogtober 2014.  Each day there is a different prompt - see them all here and feel free to follow along!

October 1...If I Won the Lottery...

This one is really easy.  I think everyone has had this conversation before and I know husband and I have many times!  Here's what it comes down to.  I don't desire a celebrity lifestyle, but there are certain things in life that cost a lot of money, that I wouldn't mind being able to splurge on or put in my, here they are.  In list form, because lists are so much better than paragraphs.

+  Get a personal trainer
+  Shop solely at health grocery stores (seriously, I love me some Whole Foods)
+  Get a massage once a week (every Friday perhaps?)
+  Attend the Super Bowl one year
+  Travel internationally at least once a year
+  Visit my sister in Chicago often!
+  Buy some land and build our dream home
+  Begin our adoption journey and most definitely fund someone else's
+  Not hesitate when shopping for clothes as much (I wouldn't necessarily buy tons of new clothes or insanely expensive designer things, but I at least wouldn't hold back as much)
+  Give generously

That last one is sort of broad, so let me explain.  A lot of people have been saying they would start a non-profit or foundation to help animals, children, or whatever.  I think that's great, but I don't think that's up my ally.  I think if I won the lottery, I would simply learn to give generously.  If someone needed to raise money for a missions trip, I'd give.  If someone needed help paying off student loans, I'd help.  If someone's kid was going through cancer, I'd support that family.  If someone wanted to come home for Christmas to see their family, but couldn't afford it, I'd treat them to a trip home.  I think little (little in the sense that money isn't an option, but big for those who need the money) acts of kindness can really do a lot for our society and I think learning to give generously would be a really awesome thing.  Fortunately, giving is a gift that my husband has, so I see him doing this even if we don't have the excess cash.

Obviously, I'd probably do what I know husband would want to do, like invest some if it (or most of it) and save, save, save!  But...we're just dreaming here, right? ;)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Leather is the traditional wedding gift for the 3rd anniversary.  We did paper our first year, cotton our second, and now we've done leather.  This tradition has been so fun and this year, we were both on the same page.

We both ended up getting each other bags this year.  I got husband a new duffle bag with leather straps since he's been borrowing my old duffle for years and he got me a nice camera bag so that I can begin to pursue photography like I've been wanting to do for so long (how sweet is he?!).

We're not huge gift people, but this has been a fun tradition and we like making our anniversary a big deal.

Marriage is worth celebrating.

Love is sweet!