Friday, March 27, 2015

Project 365 {79-85}

March 20 - 26

Happy weekend, friends!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bumpdate {15 Weeks}

It's about darn time I have a bump photo on here.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately started taking weekly bump photos - flat stomach and all.  Husband and I didn't tell anyone until week 9, so I had to keep the photos secret and didn't even upload them to my computer.  Fast forward to week 11, the first week I neglected to take a photo...then also at week 13...then again I didn't take a photo for week 14...then to last night, when I decided that this was ridiculous and I needed to just take a photo.

Thanks to Pinterest, I had always pictured myself taking the perfect bump photos each week against the perfect backdrop in the perfect outfit.  Then, once I got pregnant, I immediately decided that wasn't realistic, so I would just take each photo against a different backdrop for variety so that if I was out of town, I wouldn't feel bad taking a photo elsewhere.  Easy enough, right?  Well, THEN I decided that finding a new backdrop that fit my expectations ended up being a lot of work considering I don't have a personal photographer that follows me around everywhere.  So last night, I said "screw it," we're going to make this really easy on ourselves.

Cue: the black paper.  I got this paper back when I couldn't find a chalkboard to make our announcement photo.  Fortunately, with the help of a good friend, I was able to find the perfect chalkboard and I'm so happy at how our announcement photo turned out.  But, I had this black paper rolled up in my living room unused.  Since our place is so small, I didn't even have a wall that I could put the paper up on anyway.

So I thought.

With this baby coming in September, and our rental agreement ending at the end of May, we have decided to move to a bigger place so we don't drive ourselves crazy in a tight space with a babe.  Since this is less than 3 months away, we decided that it was ok to start taking things off the walls...thus...creating a blank wall for our black background.

We got straight to work in taking things down while Benny just watched...probably a little confused as to what was going on.  Taking things down was actually really exciting.  I'm not a fan of moving, but this move means that I get to nest again, which I'm super excited about, as well as start preparing for baby's arrival.  This is so exciting to me!  Although we still have some time, it was fun to see some progress.

And just like that, I finally have a bump photo.  And this time, it's right in my house, with the imperfect lighting, and the imperfect paper background, and the imperfect outfit.

I guess you can say that this is preparing me for parenthood in a way - nothing will be as I picture it and it will most definitely, certainly, absolutely be imperfect.

I think I kind of like it that way.

And look!  I have a little bump!  The white shirt definitely makes it look bigger in this photo than I feel like it does in real life, but I'm super excited about it.  Although I more look like I had a large dinner (which I actually did), I'm giving it some credit.  I'm pretty pumped to actually start looking pregnant instead of just bloated as well as for this whole baby prep thing to get rockin'.  And this second trimester is already going pretty great for me.  I mean, my first trimester was easy compared to a lot of other people, no sickness, just total exhaustion, but I'm starting to get my energy back and feeling pretty great.

And you guys...we're having a baby!!!  How crazy is that?!?